Monday, March 11, 2019

Can you guess NZ's best beach??

Once again, Mt Maunganui Beach was voted New Zealand's best beach last week, by the travel company Trip Advisor. This is the 6th consecutive year that this beautiful beach has one the award. In close second, was Piha Beach, followed by Hot Water Beach in Coromandel.
I agree with the poll, because this beach has so much room for lots of people and it has beautiful white sand  and great surf.
What is your favourite Beach in New Zealand?

Reported by Mrs Clark

Human Sized Cabbage no way!

Rosemary Norwood and her husband have grown a human sized cabbage!!! The couple have made a great use of time over 9 months as they nurtured the enormous cabbage.This took place in Australia Tasmania Australia,  in their lovely garden.
They have eaten cabbage for three whole weeks with dishes like:

- Cabbage soup

- Coleslaw

- Cabbage stirfry

- Cabbage dumplings

Reported by Viola

Baby shark is coming back from vacation!

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Baby shark is coming back to town - the sharks are here to have some more fun! Last year, the Pinkfong version became a viral hit with more than 2 million views on youtube. Baby shark is coming back because they are here to entertain people with a brand new musical stage show.

Reported by Ayesha

Woman bitten on the bottom by python!

An Australian woman who was going to the toilet was bitten by a python on her bottom. While on the toilet she felt something bite her which caused a moment of panic. She initially thought it was a frog but with more information she had found a carpet python in her toilet. She called snake patrol and the frightened snake was released back into the wild. Thankfully we don't have snakes in New Zealand so we do not worry about this problem at all.

Reported by Isla

Would you like to know the new marine animal discovered?


Scientists have found a new species of orca (killer whale). Early this year these animals appeared from nowhere. The team was researching it off the coast of Chile in South America.
The orca has a different shape and different patterns which makes it different type of orca. Scientists don't know why but they just appeared.

Reported by Mahir

Singing Superstars at PEP!!!!

This year at PEP Mrs Bird is teaching choir to some lucky year 5 and 6 students. Mrs Bird teaches us on Tuesdays in the van Wijk room. We are learning to sing Little David, The Grand Old Duke of York, Three Fine Ships, ABC, How to keep from Singing. We all have to sing our lungs out to sound beautiful she always says we’re beautiful singers. She gives us all challenging songs to sing. Choir is challenging but great fun!!

Reported by Isla
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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Meet the Media Team 2019

Welcome to the new Media Team for 2019. We have year 5s and 6s working hard to bring you news from our school and all around the world! The Media Team is reporting about many interesting subjects.
Mrs Clark is the teacher who helps the Media Team students learn about reporting, filming, blogging, green screening, movie making and animation.
It’s going to be a fun and challenging team to be part of. Bring it on!!

Reported by Challyse

Fruit and Vegetables In School

PEP has currently been receiving fruit to encourage children to eat healthily. Everyday there will be different types of fruit or vegetables to come to the school. This fruit is provided by KidsCan canteen. The fruit gets delivered in our classrooms every single morning. We are so lucky!
Reported by Heena       

Hundertwasser Art

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