Thursday, May 9, 2013


There are many kinds of animals.-bugs, spiders, reptiles,mammals, birds.What animals do you like best?

"I like monkeys" said Toma.

Monkeys are clever mammals that can solve problems and hold things in their hands.They live in groups called troops high in the tropical forests of America, Africa and Asia. Monkeys eat plants, birds, eggs, small animals and insects.

"I like birds" said Esho

Birds live all over the world and there are nearly 10,000 species. They are the only animals to have feathers and wings but not all birds can fly. All birds lay eggs and most build nests where they can raise their chicks.


Written by Toma and Esho


  1. I like birds too, just like you!

  2. The monkey looks really happy as well as the bird. What colourful wings the bird has. No wonder Esho likes birds.

  3. We love animals as well!!!

  4. I am a monkey as well because I was born in the year of the monkey!


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