Friday, March 10, 2017

Welcome Mrs Prendergast

Welcome to Papatoetoe East School Mrs Prendergast.

 All the students and staff members wish you the very best year here. We  promise, we won't let you leave because the staff and children love having you here and we don't want to scare you away from here! It's nice to know that your last school was in Clevedon and before that Hamilton. I know that you do lots of art and gardening in your spare time. You could make a gardening team of your own, that would be entertaining for you and the kids that join. It would also make our school more sustainable, which is what we want. It's a good thing you know what you want to do if you weren't a teacher. you would run your own garden business, and even better it's your own gardening maintenance business so it's free. Bye!  

Reported by Charlotte

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