Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lucy came for a visit!

Lucy came over to our school for a visit on the 26th of May 2017. She tells us that at her new school everything is different, there are small classrooms. She came for a visit and for a friends sleepover. By the way if you didn't know who Lucy was she was an old friend of mine she was really nice and her oma Mrs VW is leaving in JUNE . Lucy's mum is Mrs Buchanan, the teacher in B1, but sadly she left. She likes how there's a big community here in Papatoetoe and she has a lot of friends here in this school. At their house there's a lot of space, she has 3 lovely chickens, her own bedroom and a personal deck. There are also lots of Fantails, Moreporks, Rosellas, Tui's and wood pigeons. There were two classrooms at her school but know there's three. Mrs Buchanan might teach in that third class and Alexis and Charlotte, Lucy's two little sisters might be in that class. She went there because a lot of her family is over there in the countryside too. 

Reported by Dania            

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