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In Jerusalem Easter is the most important and joyful festival for Christians. It falls in the season of spring, a time to celebrate new life . An important  celebration was taking place in Jerusalem when Jesus died and rose again from dead. This was the festival of Passover. It is celebrated by the followers of  Jewish  faith. So the first Christians added Easter to this ancient  festival.
Passover takes place in March or April. The time changes slightly each year. Churches are dark and silent on holy Saturday, the day after Good Friday. But towards late evening, they slowly light up, ready for joyful Easter Sunday. Churches stay empty and gloomy until night time.
In the churches of Europe, everything starts to light up at the stroke of midnight. A flame is passed from one person to another so that candles and lamps can be lit. The whole church glows. In Roman Catholic and some Anglican churches, a huge, bright candle is carried through the church. It shows how Jesus Christ, the light of world, rose from dead and drove away the darkness of evil. The candle is used to baptize Christians.
Baptism is a ceremony that makes people members of Christian church. The candle blesses the water for years.  Hundreds of years ago, many people became baptized at Easter with this water.

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