Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Last week on Monday a lady came to our class and she had a cross on the side of her top. Can you guess what it is?  Yes it is the first aid symbol. Gayle was the lady that showed us how to save peoples lives. Hope you guys learnt from it. Do you remember DRSABC? Our class D4 was laughing when we watched Mr Bean. Hope you guys don't do that!

Shaheen D4


  1. What a cool post on First Aid

  2. It was fun learning it because first we learnt about D for Danger, R for response, S for send for help, A for air way, B for breathing, C for circulation. we practised calling 111 we had to tell our name
    Thing need to now about the casualty...
    Age,name, what happened, and so on


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