Thursday, September 24, 2015

3D Printing at Botany College

 Today the 3D Printing Team visited Botany College to investigate 3D printing. We talked to Mr Achary who is the head of the Technology Department. Guess who he might be related to at our school??
Mr Achary and some clever students called Bradley, Kendall and Jackie talked to us about problems and solutions with 3D printing - it was really interesting and we learned a lot. The technology Department is awesome and we'd love to go there when we're older! We printed some spinning tops and then tested them to see if they worked. The students know how to print whole houses, dinosaur skulls, cogs and stuff like that.
Hopefully, they might be able to come and help us with our 3D printing and give us some ideas and solutions.
The food technology students made us cupcakes, chocolate peppermint slice and hot chocolate for afternoon tea!!!!! We just wanted to stay there. They have about 1800 students which is massive.


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