Friday, March 11, 2016

The Game Of The Century

On Friday 4th March there was a magnificent netball game, parents vs teachers. While we were eating lunch the loud speaker was playing "We are the champions" and the whole school was so excited. It was very interesting because the ball was flying all over the place with the amazing passes that were going on.
There was a netball game because we needed some entertainment. The netball game was held on the back courts near the field and a lot of children came to watch it, nearly the whole school was watching. But at the end the parents had won and defeated the teachers!!

Reported by Tihei


  1. Hi everyone!
    Looks like all the teachers and parents had fun without me!
    This looks so cool!

  2. We liked watching your video - it was cool because we saw our teacher.

  3. It was an interesting game between the Parents VS Teachers match. I liked how Mrs. Tomasone came into the game and supported the teachers. It was fun watching Mr. Gilbert playing netball!


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