Friday, March 18, 2016

Welcome Back Mrs Mulrennnan

(Noelani)  (Mrs Mulrennan)
How did you feel when you walked through the school gates?
When I walked through the school gate at the beginning of the year I felt a bit excited and a bit nervous at the same time, but I also felt like I was coming back to my home where I felt safe, and when I saw the kids who I've taught in the past, I was very happy that I've decided to come back.

Where did you go when you left Papatoetoe East 3 years ago?
I went to a school called Papatoetoe North Primary School which is not far from here and very close to where I live, and I taught there for three years mostly I taught new Year 0/1 just like I've always done at Papatoetoe East.

Can you tell us about any of the other teachers that left with you?
Yes I can because I'm still friends with all of those teachers.
  • Miss Lepou is teaching a Year four class at Mt. Roskill Primary School. She also  has a very cool blog that kids can look at and I can give you the address. She has two little girls now, the eldest is named Tamaya and she is four nearly five and Annie who's two.
  •  Mrs DesForge is teaching a year one class  at New Market Primary School and is enjoying this.
  • Miss Nola is teaching a class out west in West Auckland, I think it's a year two class and she has a little boy.
  •  Miss Mac is working at the ZOO!!! She's actually in a  classroom located in the zoo teaching them about the animals there and she loves working there. She gets to see  some of the children she's taught in the past and the same time meet many new kids.

Why did you leave Papatoetoe North?
After 3 years of teaching at Papatoetoe North, I thought it was time for a change plus I wanted to see what other schools were like. I was thankful to see an opportunity to teach in Auckland and at Papatoetoe East. So, When Mrs Compston and Mr Gilbert asked to come back I said "YES PLEASE!!" 

So far, how do you feel about your decision to come back?
Yes I think I've made a really good decision coming back and I LOVE the library. I think it's the best library in Auckland because I love books and I love teaching in a school where there's lots of books. And I like the gardens in the Living Classroom. But do you know what I like best of all? The children because I think that they are all very special.

This is reported by Noelani in C5


  1. You tried hard to make this interview interesting and I liked reading about all the old teachers from our school.

  2. Rishaad and Izayah C3April 4, 2016 at 11:59 AM

    You did a fabulous job Noelani. Especially bringing up an article regarding Mrs Des Forges and all the other teachers from a long time ago.
    Once again, great job.


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