Thursday, June 6, 2013


My Holidays, Awesome. Why? Because I had my birthday party, oh! Did I mention that I went to Australia? I didn't. Okay I'll set the scene! It was a Monday, waiting and waiting, watching and hearing every tick of the clock. Finally I reached the airport, every queue for every airline. Intercoms crackling for announcements, in fact I can mimic it today. Immigration lines were not that packed. So it was easy getting through in time. Boarding the plane and embarking into the sky. It wasn't the 4th of July, so we flew the sky. Getting to Kingsford took 3hrs and 40mins but was worth the wait. Hearing the crying of families reuniting made me feel alive. Suddenly it came, our ride awaited for me family. Next day we were tired and had to get up 8 sharpish so we could be in "CANBBERA". Went to Parliament marched in and starting taking pics. Went right to the Mint Factory. Turns out they make money in the Mint Factory we then went to the Telstra Tower-r-r. Came back to Sydney and met all the family. We had Ice-Cream Soda Spiders, I wasn't that frightnend. Sydney City is fabulous, waltzing down Pitt Street and going through an 8 story mall. Have you seen that before? I went abroad a boat and saw a Pacific Pearl heading to the Pacific that got me jealous...Bummer I just had to get back through all 23 stops. I aint fun at all. Came back to the House. I had a good blast with all my cousins here and a great feed. Back to old Auckland. I had a really good time across the ditch. It didn't stink. I wonder where I go next?

By Shivaansh D5


  1. What an exciting holiday!

  2. I have been to syndey and i went to luna park.

  3. I have been to australia.I have been to sydney,brisbane and gold coast twice. I really like gold coast because it has some really awsome theme parks.It has wet'n wild,movie world,dream world and sea world.I went to sydney to see my half sister.I only went to one theme park and it was luna park.I also saw the opra house.

  4. I have been to Australia and the cities I've been to is Sydney,Brisbane and Gold Coast.I really liked Gold Coast because it has awsome theme park rides.I went to sydnaey tosee my sister.I went to luna park and it was awsome.

  5. It looks like you had fun at your holiday at Australia. But did you have fun? Please answer my question.Australia is a really fun place to visit but it's kinda bit hot. What was your favourite part of your holiday.

  6. Ipolani & Nancy D5...June 20, 2013 at 10:45 AM

    That was an awesomely long article but I enjoyed reading it. You must've had the best vacation in the entire school!!!! Well lets say not that big but it was the best article I have read today... LOL!!!


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