Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Zealand post book awards

In week 4 we had a competition for voting for picture books in the New Zealand book awards. My favourite picture book is " Remember that November". Each class had to vote for a picture book. One of the picture books I also like is 'Melu'. The voting closed on June 24th of May. Alot of picture books are interesting and sometimes they are about feelings. The books in the competition have a post stamp that will tell us if it is a New Zealand post book and one of New Zealands's favourites. Some books have rhyming words such as care and share. The picture books are fiction, that means made up stories and you can use your imagination. Campbell Live host John Campbell has been appointed as Chief Jugde of the awards.
On Monday they announced the children's choice which is Melu and the winner of the picture book was Mister Whistler.
Julie D6

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