Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Interviewing Cuddles

We have a special person/animal in the library not Toby but his cousin Cuddles. He likes to read, play with kids and help Mrs Osbourne during the day. Today we are here to ask "Cuddles' a few questions about his life.

Q.What is your favourite book or series?
A.In the day I fancied the Geronimo Stilton series or a few quick reads.

Q.What do you help out with in the library?
A.Shelving books. Thats my fav. I remember all the Decimals

Q.What do you like about being with your friends and reading?
A.I like all my friends. I help them out everyday and have fun.

Q.Do you encourage kids to read?
A.Of course reading is my life.

You can check her out in the library. 

By: Shivaansh and Krisha D5


  1. You made a cool post and I hope you had a good interview.

  2. Leilani & Nancy D5July 4, 2013 at 11:45 AM

    You two are very creative! We love Cuddles!

  3. WOW you guys had really good questions. i like your blog and i wish there was more QUESTIONS!!!!! :(

    1. We couldn't think of any more questions sorry.:(. But next time me and shivaansh do an interview I asure you that we will think up many more questions. but not to much so you fall asleep in the middle of it! ZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!

  4. I love cuddles sice he is a great and cuddly tiger


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